Lawsuit Settlement

When LawLeaf is contacted by a plaintiff for a lawsuit settlement advance we understand the importance of competitive rates and fast approvals. This is a contributing factor of why we have been so successful in the litigation financing arena.

A lawsuit settlement is defined as two parties coming together by mediation or arbitration in order to resolve their difference without a legal hearing.  A settlement involves both parties agreeing upon a set amount of money for damages. The lawsuit settlement paid to the victim should satisfy the expenses related to the claim.

A lawsuit settlement should cover medical expenses, loss of wages, pain & suffering and other related expenses directly related to the claim. It is important to understand if a plaintiff decides to accept a lawsuit settlement, the plaintiff will be unable to recoup additional monies after the settlement is reached. This means if you have ongoing medical expenses you must account for these costs during the settlement period.

A lawsuit settlement is more likely to happen than a claim reaching the courts.

What happens after a lawsuit settlement?

Once the lawsuit has reached a settlement the plaintiff will have to wait for payment. This payment may take weeks or even months. At LawLeaf we oftentimes receive application request for post settlement funding. This means after a lawsuit settlement the plaintiff may receive an advance against future compensation.

It’s always recommended that you review all lawsuit settlement offers and counter offers thoroughly prior to making a decision.

LawLeaf announces today the future release of our latest resource center called Lawsuit Settlement. Our lawsuit settlement center will provide information on the settlement process as well as exerts from attorney and best practices. The center will provide dozens of pages of information pertaining to the lawsuit settlement process. The center will be part of our settlement loan site which also provides information on the settlement loan process. If you are currently searching for lawsuit settlement funding begin by applying online with LawLeaf today.

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