Wal-Mart Slip & Fall Verdict Goes to Retrial

A $15 million verdict for a slip-and-fall verdict against Wal-Mart in November will be retried. According to the judge in the case the plaintiff’s didn’t promptly disclose key evidence to the defense. The lawsuit was worth $15 million for a Wyoming woman that was seriously injured after falling in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

According to the plaintiffs attorney the victim Holly Averyt was delivering products to a Greeley Wal-Mart, when she fell on a grease spill, rupturing a disk in her back. The injury was deemed catastrophic according to the attorneys.

Averyt’s attorneys claimed that Wal-Mart knew about the grease spill and did nothing to clean it up. The jury hearing the case was convinced the plaintiff and her attorney’s were telling the truth and awarded the plaintiff full recovery for the accident.

The judge ruling on the retrial also stated that the damages were excessive. There is no additional information on the date for a retrial.

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